Youth Leading Change Remake Learning for the Future

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“I want to see a show of hands. How many of you have had a class on history?” I surveyed the room, and every single hand was up as expected. “Now, raise your hand if you have had a class on the future?” Surveying the room again, not a single hand as raised.

It was with these two questions that we began our workshop with Youth Leading Change, a “student-led, teacher powered” group of middle and high school students from some of Pittsburgh’s most marginalized neighborhoods who act as reformers and change agents in areas such as education, environmental justice, incarceration, and drug offenses. The workshop was part of Remake Learning Days, a weeklong celebration of events and activities that showcased how the Pittsburgh region and the Remake Learning Network have been shaping the future of learning.

The purpose for our workshop was to introduce foresight to students and to have them imagine the future of learning.  To do so, we partnered with our colleagues at Teach the Future to develop a set of activities that would introduce the students to a few methods for thinking about the future and support them in creating images of what the future of learning might be like.


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