Our collective future depends on an education system that serves each and every student. America’s history of oppression has created systemic inequities that persist today. In our schools, this has led to a pervasive opportunity gap.

eXi believes that the opportunity gap can be closed, and that the way to close it will be found at the intersection of equity and innovation. eXi is:

A RESEARCH LAB finding evidence for the future of learning
eXi pursues scholarship in public. We disrupt the field of inquiry by asking new questions and partnering with new subjects. The research we do provides educators, youth-workers, policy makers, and education funders with the knowledge and tools they need to advance education reforms informed by deep inquiry into the uses of innovation as a solution set for inequity.
A DESIGN STUDIO where teachers learn, practice, fail, and grow
eXi explores new ideas in education and experiments with putting them into practice. We use an iterative design process to prototype instructional frameworks, test education technology tools, and develop learning programs that are designed to help educators solve new kinds of problems and enable students to achieve new kinds of outcomes.
A LEARNING COMMUNITY of diverse perspectives, experiences, and expertise
eXi provides pre-service and in-service teachers a different approach to professional development that emphasizes partnership and participation. We work and learn together in a safe, supportive environment where no question is too small or too big. Educates come here to learn by doing, figure things out together, and practice the tough parts so that they’re ready for the classroom.
AN INCUBATOR for youth-led, teacher-powered programs
eXi creates the space and conditions for innovation and equity to liberate teaching and learning. We provide the human, technological, and financial spark educators and students need to turn their ideas into reality, test them for validity, and scale their impact.
A METHOD for harnessing the tools and techniques of innovation to achieve greater equity
eXi cultivates a mindset shaped by innovation and committed to equity. We help educators and young people form authentic trusting relationships, get comfortable with uncertainty and experimentation, and shift their way of thinking so that new ideas and new approaches can take hold.

eXi is housed within the School of Education at Duquesne University. Through exploring new learning methods and re-designing traditional approaches, eXi seeks to close the opportunity gap by using innovation as a force for equity.

About Temple
Dr. Temple Lovelace is an educator and advocate for race, class, and ability equity in schools.
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On a mission to upset the absolutes in an educational system built on the dynamic of privilege.

Temple S. Lovelace, Ph.D., BCBA-D is an Associate Professor in the School of Education. In recent years she served as the Director of Special Education and was a Deeper Learning Equity Fellow. She is a four year member of the Remake Learning Council. Her research centers on the examination of the intersectionality of disability and race, with particular interest in creating innovative, culturally-sustaining academic and behavioral interventions for students with emotional/behavioral disorders. Her local work is reflective in the following publications: Achieving Educational Equity for African American Students with and without Exceptionalities; Creating a Schoolwide Culture to Support Practitioner Research; and Community-University Partnerships as Vehicles of Radical Leadership, Service and Activism. Dr. Lovelace is a proud 40 under 40 awardee and recipient of Duquesne University’s 2017 Office of Research Hall of Fame award.