Current Projects
Pipelines and PathwayseXi Hub
  • PartnersResearchers, Entrepreneurs, School Districts, Activists, Developers, Colleges and Universities
  • Network MembersA project, program, or person advancing equitable learning through research and development
  • GoalComplete a national scan to prepare for pipeline and pathway analysis
  • ActionImpact national research and development for Black students
  • Focus AreasMath, Writing, Special Education, and Social - Emotional Learning
A collection of individuals committed to liberatory research and development. Led by a five-state, 13 member collaborative focused on redesigning the current educational research and development infrastructure through gap analyses, pipeline and pathway support and creation, and product development.
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Focusing on the multiply-marginalized self-identified girl, Girlhood Rising supports girls who are committed to preventing social injustices in their schools and communities.
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Adolescent Girls as LiberatorsGirlhood Rising
  • YouthMiddle school aged, self-identified girls
  • AdultsAt least 1 educator per student cohort
  • SettingSchool-based groups and after-school programs
  • ActionStudent cohorts create and lead advocacy campaigns in solidarity with social movements
  • Duration12 weeks
Past Projects
Youth as InnovatorsEducation Uncontained
  • YouthHigh School Students
  • Adults2 teachers, 1 administrator
  • SettingCore academic content classroom
  • ActionCohorts of at least 10 students explore their local system, create a plan to change a social injustice that marginalizes a population in their school, and implement that solution.
  • Duration1 year
A deeper learning experience that challenges students to examine how racism, classism, ableism, sexism, and oppression shape social systems and then use innovative practices to design for more just and equitable outcomes.
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Students take on the role of researchers asking critical questions, connecting with communities, investigating an issue that matters to them, and using media to share what they learn.
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Youth as InterruptersYouth Leading Change
  • YouthMiddle or High School Students
  • Adults1 Teacher, 1 Teaching Artist
  • SettingClassroom
  • ActionTeacher and teaching artist co-teach youth in methods of interviewing, research, and media production.
  • Duration9 weeks
Teachers as DisruptorsTeachers Leading Change
  • YouthMiddle and High School Students
  • AdultsSchool-based teacher teams
  • SettingSchools with high populations of African American students or students situated in poverty
  • ActionTeacher cohorts participate in professional development to design classroom innovations and receive catalytic grants to help them launch.
  • Duration12 Weeks
A community of educators dedicated to reforming education from the classroom. Participating teachers receive grant support to implement an innovative project targeted at improving educational outcomes for African American students or students situated in poverty.
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